• Introducing the Curaco Carebidet


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    Diaper-less Diaper Care

    Get rid of paper diapers, odor, and bedpans forever with this innovative automatic toileting system

    When the Carebidet’s advanced, built-in sensors detect urine and/or feces, it automatically ‘flushes’ excrement away, rinses, and air-dries the user’s body, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for the user without the need for disposable paper diapers. Airflow and cleaning protect patients and caregivers from infection (UTI), odor, and maintain personal hygiene.

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    Who is it for?

    Hospitals, hospices, long-term care facilities, senior-care centers, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes – anyone caring for bedridden patients.


    Comfortable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use, the Carebidet decreases the burden on caregivers, healthcare costs, CO2, waste, paper diapers, odor, worries, stress, and delay.


    This is a segment of society with a shortage of caregivers that is a significant challenge.

    Caregivers save time, reduce compensation claims and improve staff morale

    There is no longer a need to constantly change diapers, sheets, or lift the patient to help using a bedpan. Minimize possible fall risk while helping an individual with limited mobility to the restroom if not utilizing diaper or bedpan care.


    Top 5 issues that the Carebidet solves

    1. Time involved in the physical act of monitoring and changing diapers or being called to do a bedpan care, including cleaning the mess and changing the sheets.
    2. Reduction in the waste that is associated with diaper care for an individual that has limited mobility.
    3. Potential Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), sores and/or lesions that are associated with a person with limited mobility being left longer than desired with urine and feces in their diaper.
    4. Reduction in workmen’s compensation claims and improved staff morale as they no longer need to change diapers, lift the patient to help using a bedpan or change the sheets. Minimize possible fall risk while helping an individual with limited mobility to the restroom instead of performing diaper or bedpan care.
    5. Life changing, Life saving, dignified care. This ergonomically designed bidet was created for people with limited mobility, such as the elderly, disabled, or patients restricted to bed and those with incontinence. This is a segment of society with a shortage of caregivers which creates a significant challenge.

    Life Changing, Life Saving, Dignified Care (Registered and listed with USFDA)


    The Carebidet provides comfort for its user and presents an improved way to manage the disposal of waste. Anyone caring for bedridden patients will find the Carebidet comfortable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use.


    See the Carebidet in use as Caregivers try it for themselves by clicking here


    Or, take a look at How it Works by clicking here

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    We are here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best possible service, so reach out as often as you like.

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